Ghibli Museum Short; 水グモもんもん

Before the production of Princess Mononoke, a project titled Boro, the Caterpillar was considered for a feature release. The producer, Toshio Suzuki, noted that Miyazaki “is getting old” and a chance of doing an action film in the future would be none. So Suzuki pursued Miyazaki to initiate the Princess Mononoke project. A few years later, a story of a small creature living in a vast world still lingered in Miyazaki’s imagination. Thus, he written and directed a fifteen-minute short titled Mizugumo Monmon (Water Spider Monmon); a diving bell spider who fell in love with a water strider.

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Pom Poko Backgrounds for  

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1st pictures of next Studio Ghibli film “Omoide no Marnie”, directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi (Arietty).

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"There’s always a tomorrow" - Only Yesterday

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This is so beautiful :’))

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Hayao Miyazaki - Self Portrait.

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totoro origami paper 

I want a tshirt made from this.

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Sophie, the girl, is given a spell and transformed into an old woman. It would be a lie to say that turning young again would mean living happily ever after. I didn’t want to say that. I didn’t want to make it seem like turning old was such a bad thing — the idea was that maybe she’ll have learned something by being old for a while, and, when she is actually old, make a better grandma. Anyway, as Sophie gets older, she gets more pep. And she says what’s on her mind. She is transformed from a shy, mousy little girl to a blunt, honest woman. It’s not a motif you see often, and, especially with an old woman taking up the whole screen, it’s a big theatrical risk. But it’s a delusion that being young means you’re happy.

Hayao Miyazaki, on what attracted him to Howl’s Moving Castle

The Auteur of Anime by Margaret Talbot: “The New Yorker” (January 17th, 2005) 

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Sometimes the thing we need most is to just cry in our mother’s arms…